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Restore a Smile,
Women's Shelter Fund Raiser

Women's ShelterSeveral Pismo Beach dentists have joined efforts to fight domestic violence by providing teeth whitening treatments to patients and donating their fees for the services to the Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo County. The Restore Your Smile; Restore a Life fundraiser, now in it's fourth year, is led by Dr. Guy Jones and will begin on June 4th and run through June 29th, 2007. The fundraiser has had great success in the previous three years and all of the dentists involved are very excited to participate again.

How the program works

  • Teeth whitening treatments will be offered to the public for only $175 (a savings of up to $175).
  • The entire fee will be donated to the Women’s Shelter of San Luis Obispo County.
  • Patients / non-patients call the dentist listed for each week to schedule an appointment.
  • The teeth whitening process will take 2 visits, the first for impressions of the teeth from which custom trays will be made, and the second to fit the trays and bleaching materials.
Dentist’s Schedule
June 4-8 Dr. Randy Voss
200 Station Way
Arroyo Grande, CA
Palm Dental Care,
Dr. Jason Leroux

1177 Palm St.
San Luis Obispo, CA
June 11-15 Dr. Mike Morrison
931 Oak Park Blvd. #203
Pismo Beach, CA
Dr. Pallencaoe,
Dr. McFarland

June 18-22 Dr. Kim
Dr. Leopold,
Dr. Murphy,
Dr. Main

June 25-29 Dr. Guy Jones
931 Oak Park Boulevard, Suite 202
Pismo Beach, CA

Helping the Community by Helping Individuals
“Because more than five million people are affected by domestic violence every year in the United States, there is clearly a need for a program like Restore Your Smile; Restore a Life to help these women and children rejuvenate their lives. On average, a woman is beaten 9 times before she places the first call to police for help, and that 57% of women who are physically abused by their partners never tell anyone”

Dr. Guy Jones indicated. Continuing, “we want to contribute and do our part in stopping the vicious cycle of domestic violence, since 95% of boys and 72% of girls witnessing domestic violence will carry abuse into their own relationships.”

Restore Your Smile; Restore a Life is sponsored by Central Coast Smiles, Discus Dental, and Natural Balance Wellness Center. For complete details about the Restore Your Smile; Restore a Life program, as well as more information regarding how other doctors can participate call Dr. Jones at (805)489-7645. For more information regarding the Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo County call (805)781-6401.

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